About Us

Drypower is more than just a brand. Drypower takes existing battery technology and improves on it. Within the Drypower stable are a family of AGM and Gel type sealed lead acid batteries made to a premium standard using Taiwanese technology of a higher grade than the mainly Chinese produced competition.


In 2015 after several years of research and development, Drypower has now augmented its existing product line-up with a new range of lithium iron phosphate batteries that are first and foremost safe, reliable and long-term value for upfront premium. Inside every battery is a safety circuit module no quality Lithium rechargeable battery should be without.


Backed by decades of experience by the leaders in rechargeable industrial battery technology in Australasia, Drypower brings a new standard of batteries that are already satisfying the high performance requirements of major clients both private and Government across Australia and New Zealand.