• Achieve optimum performance
    and service life with Drypower

  • Dual Purpose AGM
    starting & deep cycle

    Combine the best elements of a high performance starting battery
    with the durability and high reliability of a deep cycle battery
    to provide maintenance free service for applications such as
    marine starting & storage, 4WD & commercial dual battery systems,
    RV & caravan, and stand-alone back-up or solar systems.

  • Cyclic batteries for motive and
    deep cycle applications

    Designed to provide reliable performance and longevity in cyclic and
    motive power applications such as mobility, recreational caravan
    and RV, marine, medical equipment, solar applications and more.

  • Batteries for backup power and
    general electrics

    Drypower's Security specific and multi-purpose VRLA ranges have been designed for
    constant/float backup and light cycle use in security alarm panels, emergency lighting, toys,
    test equipment, general electrics, automatic doors, marine power and more.
    With an array of different sizes available, the right solution is Drypower.

  • Batteries for reliable power
    in UPS and Backup systems

    With data protection being of paramount importance to any business, Drypower batteries '
    specially formulated solder paste and advanced grid alloy plate design, combine to ensure
    optimum performance when you need it most. Drypower High Rate UPS batteries are designed
    specifically to deliver constant reliable power in UPS or high rate discharge applications.

  • Whether solar or wind, storing and accessing
    your energy is where Drypower shines

    With purpose built AGM batteries designed to handle the fluctuating charge & discharge
    conditions experienced in alternative energy systems, Drypower's solar power range provides
    dependable & long term performance for your installation.

  • Provide essential and reliable power
    for critical standby infrastructure

    Featuring superior design life, the benefits of Drypower's Standby Long Life Power range
    include reduced logistical and service costs associated with ongoing maintenance and EOL

Drypower batteries is a comprehensive range of Sealed Lead Acid and Lithium battery solutions
designed to meet the unique performance criteria in applications from household consumer environments to
large scale commercial and industrial fitments.

Premium Quality

Our batteries are made to a premium standard using Taiwanese technology of a higher grade than the mainly Chinese produced competition.

Safe & Reliable

Inside each Rechargeable lithium module is a Battery Management System featuring multiple safety protocols to ensure safe operation.

Long-term Value

We bring the next level standard of batteries to satisfy the high performance requirements of our major Private, Commercial & Government clients.

Now with the new expanded range of Drypower we no longer need to look elsewhere to meet our customer's needs. Quality, Range, Cost effective a battery for every situation.

David AtkinsonBattery World

Drypower's diverse range has provided us multiple options for powering the remote monitoring and tracking solutions we supply to customers across the country. With some installations being deployed in the field for extended periods of time, we can rely on the Drypower products to go the distance.

Dave & Tracy RandellProfessional Trapping Supplies

Who We Are

Drypower is more than a brand. Drypower takes existing battery technology and improves on it to provide smart battery solutions to meet both performance and budgetary criteria.

Featuring AGM, GEL and Rechargeable Lithium solutions, Drypower batteries are produced by the world's best manufacturers who invest heavily into R&D to constantly develop and improve the technology.