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Drypower AGM batteries have been engineered to meet industry needs for well over a decade, and the expanded range provides suitable solutions to achieve optimum performance in your consumer or commercial application.

Featuring multiple ranges to meet the specific performance criteria required in specific applications in multiple industry sectors

  • Industry leading 99.99% pure lead content for superior service life and dependable performance.
  • Thicker plate design & higher percentage of tin content compared with the industry standard to maximise battery standby life by minimising sulphation
  • Suitable for use in any orientation (except inverted) for use in hard to reach or remote locations.
  • Maintenance free and non-spillable design for long service life.


Backup & Main Power Series
Multipurpose VRLA AGM batteries for superior service life and dependable performance.

Designed for constant/float backup and light cycle use in security alarm panels, emergency lighting, toys, test quipment, general electrics, automatic doors, marine power and more.

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Deep Cycle Power Series

Cyclic power VRLA AGM batteries for deep cycle motive power in cyclic and motive power applications.

Designed to provide reliable performance and longevity in cyclic and motive power applications such as mobility, recreational caravan & RV, marine, medical equipment, solar applications and more.

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Dual Purpose Series

The Drypower Dual Purpose High Performance AGM battery range combines the best elements of a high performance starting battery with the durability and high reliability of a deep cycle battery to provide maintenance free service for your application.

The advanced AGM construction, convenient dual terminal setup, non-spillable and vibration resistant case design, makes them ideal for marine starting & storage, 4WD and commercial vehicles, Dual Battery systems, RV & Caravan installs and stand-alone back-up or solar systems.

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Standby Long Life Power Series

The Standby Long Life Power range is designed to provide essential and reliable power for critical standby infrastructure applications.

Featuring superior design life, benefits include reduced logistical and service costs associated with ongoing maintenance and EOL replacements.

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High Rate UPS Power Series

Drypower High Rate UPS batteries designed specifically to deliver constant reliable power in UPS or high rate discharge applications.

With data protection being of paramount importance to any business, Drypower batteries’ specially formulated solder paste and advanced grid alloy plate design, combine to ensure optimum performance when you need it most.

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Solar Power Series

The Drypower Solar Power range is a robust & purpose built range designed to provide dependable performance in alternative energy systems.

In Solar & Wind applications charge and discharge rates vary depending on weather conditions. You can rely on the Drypower Solar Power range to provide constant and long term performance

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