12V Broadband Battery for NBN backup Power Supply Systems

12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for National Broadband Network Power Supply Backup replaces HR6-12, HR8-12, SH1228W, HR1234W, HRL1234W, DMU12-7.5, 12FGH36, 12FGHL28, 12FGHL34, HGL7.2-12, HGHL1235W, CBX12V7.0AH, CBX12V7.6AH, CBX12V9.0AH, 12HX35, NPX35-12, HF7-12, HV7-12, LPX12-6.0, LPX12-7.0, LPX12-7.6, LPL12-7.0, WP7-12, UP-VW1236P1, HR12-28W, HR12-32W, HR12-36W

Drypower Broadband batteries are a high rate UPS solution designed specifically for seamless integration into home and business NBNTM backup power systems

Whether working from home or developing your online business, ensure reliable power for your internet needs and choose Drypower Broadband and be confident knowing there will be backup power when it’s needed most.

Chemistry Sealed Lead (SLA)
Voltage 12V
Watt Hour Wh
Nominal Capacity 7Ah
Termination F2 (6.35mm Spade)
Width 151mm
Height 94mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 65mm
Weight 2.2kg