03060028B BLACK

Battery Accessory

BLACK (-) Negative Terminal Cover/Protector for Drypower

BLACK (-) Negative Terminal Cover for Drypower Standby Long Life 2V models:

  • 2SB80HP-FR
  • 2SB110HP-FR
  • 2SB220HP-FR
  • 2SB330HP-FR
  • 2SB430HP-FR
  • 2SB480HP-FR
  • 2SB530HP-FR (2 required per battery)
  • 2SB650HP-FR (2 required per battery)

Also suitable for Drypower Pure Gel models:

  • 2PLG520TS (2 required per battery)
  • 2PLG630TS (2 required per battery)

Terminal covers have convenient slots for use with Busbars.

Voltage V
Watt Hour Wh
Nominal Capacity 0Ah
Width 35.6mm
Height 26.8mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 51.8mm
Weight 0kg