12V Dual Purpose High Performance AGM Battery

12V 620CCA 80Ah Dual Purpose AGM Battery for Starting and Deep Cycle Applications

The New Drypower Dual Purpose AGM battery combines the best elements of a high performance starting battery with the durability and high reliability of a deep cycle battery to provide maintenance free service for your application. 

The advanced AGM construction, convenient dual terminal setup, non-spillable and vibration resistant case design, makes them ideal for marine starting & storage, Dual battery systems in 4x4 and commercial vehicles, RV & Caravan installs and stand-alone back-up or solar systems


Model Number: 12CB620
Voltage: 12 V
Cold Cranking Amps: 620 CCA (@ -18°C)
Marine Cranking Amps: 775 MCA (@ 0°C)
Reserve Capacity: 160 Minutes
Capacity: 80 Ah (@ 20 Hour Rate)
Battery Group: Group 24


Features & Benefits:

  • Maintenance Free, Non-Spillable design for hassle-free installation and service life
  • Dual Terminal setup (AUTO POST and STUD) designed to provide secure and reliable connections between the battery and auxiliary power loads.
  • Exceptional Cranking/Starting power with better cold start performance when compared to conventional lead acid batteries
  • True Deep Cycle capability to provide reliable power to house power demands, accessory loads or even trolling motor use.
  • Vibration Proof design and rated for Under-Bonnet Auxiliary use
  • Integrated Ergonomic carry handle for safe handling and installation
  • Lower self-discharge performance compared to conventional batteries means longer shelf or storage life
  • Practical mounting options to suit a variety of applications and fitment locations. Can be mounted on any side - except upside down
  • UL Approved
  • 24 Month Warranty for Private use, 12 Months for Commercial use.

Superior Construction:

  • Cast-on-Strap (COS) manufacture process providing a thicker cast for more consistent cell assembly, improved discharge performance and lower electrical resistance to promote longer service life
  • Flame arrester safety system to mitigate leakage, prevent dust exposure and minimise spark related issues
  • Rugged UL94HB ABS casing, vibration & explosion proof tested to JIS C 8702:2009 & 8701:2006
  • Enhanced Nanoscale carbon formula plate paste to reduce water loss and improves charge acceptance for superior performance and cycle life
  • Hi-tech AGM separator can absorb and trap electrolyte perfectly, preventing water loss and promoting conductivity


  • Not recommended for under-bonnet use when located close to turbo chargers & manifolds
  • Connect battery to charging system via SAE automotive terminals. Only use the threaded Auxiliary terminals for accessories.

Suitable replacement for: 24LX MF, HVT-70D, NS70M, 24M-550DP, SMF-DCM24, HC73F

12CB620 Carton

Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Voltage 12V
Watt Hour Wh
Nominal Capacity 80Ah
Termination Dual Terminal (Automotive and Stud)
Width 260mm
Height 202 (Case) - 237 (Term) mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 170mm
Weight 25kg