12V Security, Backup & Main Power Battery

SECURITY by Drypower 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Alarm Systems. Replaces BP7-12, PS1270S, DM12-6.5, DM12-7, FG20721, CBL12V7.0AH, LP12V7AH, LP12-6.5, LP12-7.0, LPL12-6.5, WP7-12, NP1270, PB12/7, PS-1270, RM12-7.2, RT1270E, CP1270

Drypower Security batteries are designed specifically to deliver constant reliable power in alarm panels and security applications.

For peace of mind and a secure home, trust Drypower Security to ensure long service life and reliable power in home alarm panels, electronic security systems and similar backup applications


Chemistry Sealed Lead
Voltage 12V
Watt Hour 84Wh
Nominal Capacity 7Ah
Termination F1 (4.8mm Spade)
Width 65mm
Height 94mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 151mm
Weight 2kg